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Team Profiles

Our compact team comprises true industry insiders, ranging from seasoned Bartender Managers and Restaurant Marketing Experts to devoted Bar Aficionados. The genesis of might be mistaken for a mere coincidence, but in reality, it manifested organically as friends and colleagues came together with the shared aim of addressing a common issue: the plight of an unoccupied barstool/bar seat.

Interestingly, while the notion itself isn't groundbreaking, it remained untapped by the potential of the internet and modern technology. Assembling the team posed no challenge due to preexisting robust relationships among local regulars and exceptional bartenders. The concept fell into place effortlessly, and the team formation was a seamless process. Garnering industry adoption for turned out to be remarkably simple, given its origin rooted in the bartender community. It almost feels surreal, but indeed, we find ourselves in this fortuitous position.

Team Profiles will be updated here weekly.

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