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Introducing Tip Advance, a revolutionary financial app tailored for bartenders and servers. Unlike any other, Tip Advance is designed to empower service industry professionals by offering a suite of innovative features. While its primary source of revenue stems from the Cash Advance opportunity, we recognize that not all users might leverage this service. To address this, we're thrilled to unveil – a game-changing platform that bartenders can harness to craft and promote dynamic Drink Specials to their cherished regulars, both in real-time and at scheduled intervals.

What sets apart is its unwavering commitment to being entirely cost-free for bartenders, aiming to reward loyal customers and amplify referrals. This empowerment extends to patrons, who can seamlessly access the finest local deals and bask in the ambiance of being esteemed regulars. The synergy that emerges from this symbiotic relationship naturally ushers in a wave of recommendations for new establishments, indulging in the art of gratifying repeat customers with irresistible offers and exclusive specials.'s ability to provide these invaluable services at no cost is made possible through our esteemed sponsors, advertisers, and brand partners. The array of potential collaborators is limitless – envision a collaboration with major alcohol brands or prominent casino franchises. The financial resources backing these potential partnerships are substantial, enabling a harmonious fusion of shared goals.

Bartenders wield their influence by bolstering sales, resulting in elevated tips. Meanwhile, repeat customers relish the rewards of their loyalty, and referrals are seamlessly streamlined. Brand partners, in turn, delight in direct-to-consumer exposure precisely when it matters most. Amid this intricate dance, we amass a treasure trove of data, a testament to the efficacy of specific markets and products, both in terms of demographics and geography.

The allure of is its user-friendly interface, further enhanced by the expertise of AI Chat Assistance. The process is brilliantly simple: bartenders convey their Specials via text message, instantly transforming them into live offerings. Moreover, AI takes the helm in managing and tracking the performance of these deals within the vicinity. The result? Tailored recommendations on optimizing the effectiveness of these Special Deals, ensuring that both bartenders and their patrons revel in a mutually beneficial experience.

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