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Find a Secret Bar Menu

Introducing SBM (SecretBarMenu)

Your Gateway to Exclusive Drink Specials!

🍹 Unveil Hidden Drink Specials 🍻

Ever wondered about those elusive drink specials that only the regulars seem to know about? With SBM, the SecretBarMenu, you're in on the secret too! Our platform empowers bartenders to effortlessly post their amazing drink specials and share them within the close-knit bar regulars community.

⏰ Schedule Specials with Precision ⏰

But that's not all! Bartenders can now schedule these tantalizing specials for specific days and times, ensuring that everyone gets a taste of the excitement. No more missing out on incredible deals – SBM keeps you in the loop.

🎉 Real-Time Special Deals 🎉

Picture this: Last-minute plans call for spontaneous offers. SBM lets bartenders whip up real-time specials, catering to those impromptu cravings and delighting customers with unexpected treats.

💡 Innovation Meets Elimination of Waste 💡

SBM isn't just about specials – it's a game-changer for sustainability too. Bartenders can test new concoctions and ideas while minimizing waste. Plus, loyal patrons are rewarded, fostering a cycle of repeat visits and savings.

🤝 Thriving Community of Creativity 🤝

SBM isn't just a tool; it's a vibrant community of industry professionals. Discover unique specials from fellow bars, igniting inspiration and driving innovation across the industry. Share your brilliance and elevate the SBM experience for all.

💰 Industry Pros Know Best 💰

And let's not forget the icing on the cake – industry folks are renowned for their generosity. With SBM, you're tapping into a network of the best tippers around, making it a win-win for everyone.

🆓 Free to Use, Priceless in Value 🆓

The best part? SBM is absolutely free! No strings attached, just a platform that nurtures camaraderie, creativity, and exceptional drink specials.

Join SBM today and be part of a revolution in the bar industry. Raise your glass to innovation, camaraderie, and a world of amazing drink specials. Cheers to SBM – where every sip holds a secret worth savoring!

What's it look like?

At the heart of our strategy lies a dual objective: to elevate sales and foster repeat customers.


Our carefully curated specials not only boast healthy profit margins but also serve as a token of appreciation to our loyal regulars.


By encouraging them to frequent our establishment more frequently and bring along their friends, we create a dynamic environment that thrives on camaraderie and shared experiences.

Key focuses:

  • 5% Net Profit Margin on Food

  • 15% Net Profit Margin on Alcohol

  • Curated Shared Dishes

  • Curated Food & Drink Combos

Industry tip: 

Having Parsley in dishes, helps increase  alcohol sales. Plus, Parsley is high in many nutrients.

Simply text us your specials and a Virtual Assistant will create a Secret Bar Menu within 24hrs.

(702) 907-7705‬

You'll chat with your Virtual Assistant about the details of your menu and assist you with scheduling. We're available 24/7 and this service is free for Bartenders.

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