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There's an underground scene that only the locals and industry insiders truly understand.


In Vegas, you'll find a hidden treasure trove of local gambling bars, where bartenders and regulars share a secret bar menu with unbeatable drink specials.


We'll explore why these local haunts offer the best drink deals, and how industry regulars play a significant role in making these bars extraordinary.

The Sense of Community

These bars attract regulars who form bonds with bartenders and fellow patrons. Bartenders remember names, favorite drinks, and, most importantly, the generosity of their customers. This community spirit encourages bartenders to offer special pricing to their loyal patrons as a token of appreciation.

The Unadvertised Specials

Local gambling bars often keep their best deals off the official menu and reserve them for the initiated.

Regulars who consistently show their appreciation through tips and loyalty are often rewarded with unadvertised specials. These might include discounts on top-shelf liquor, extended happy hours, or unique cocktails created exclusively for the insiders.

The Art of Tipping

In Vegas, tipping is a way of life, and bartenders know the value of a good tip. Industry regulars, who are often bartenders or servers themselves, are renowned for being generous tippers.

Patrons understand that taking care of the bartender results in access to secret drink specials that are not offered to the general public.

The Power of Word of Mouth

Word of mouth plays a significant role in promoting these local gambling bars. When regulars discover fantastic drink deals, they can't help but share the secret with friends and fellow gamblers. This organic promotion draws more patrons to these bars, creating a cycle of camaraderie and good times.

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